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United Kingdom

22. 5. 2008

1. Great Britain


The official name of the state is the United kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland or Ulster. Is is situated on the north hemispere, in the north-weste of Europe. Great Britain is the largest island in Europe.



 The whole state consists of two large islands and about 5000 smaller ones (e.g. the Isle of Man, the Isle of Wight – in the English Channel, the Isles of Scilly, the Hebrids, the Orkneys, the Shetlands and the Channel Islands – Jersey, Sark).

 The area of the kingdom is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Northern Sea in the east. It is separated from the Continent by the North sea and the English Channel. Between Great Britain and Ireland lies the Irish Sea.

 Its closest neighbours are Ireland to west and France to south.


Great Britain is made up of three countries: England, Scotland and Wales. English is spoken everywhere, but in the past, England, Scotland and Wales were countries with different languages.


Each country of the United Kingdom is divided into counties:

 England: 46 counties, capital London

 Scotland: 33 counties, capital Edinburgh

 Wales: 13 counties, capital Cardiff

 Ulster: 6 counties, capital Belfast (Ulster is in the north-eastern part of Ireland.)


National anthem is „God, Save the Queen!“

Each part of the kingdom has its own symbol:

 England has the red rose

 Wales has the leek and daffodil (pórek a narcis)

 Scotland has the thistle (bodlák)

 Ireland has the shamrock (bílý jetel ® trojlístek)


The relief of the kingdom is variable. British mountains are low, the Scottish Highlands are the highest. There is the highest mountain of the British Isles - Ben Nevis (1343m) . It is followed by Snowdon in Wales (1085). Other ranges are the Grampians in Scotland and the Cambrian Mountains in Wales. The highland areas lie in the north and west and constitue most of Scotland and Wales. The Pennine chain is a region of low mountains. There are very few forests in Britain. Many parts of north-east and south-west England are moorlands.

Rivers and: The most famous English river is The Thames. It is 215 miles long. It flows through London. The Severn, tle longest river in the UK, is 240 miles long. Other important rivers are: Trent, Mersey (port Liverpool), Tyne, Tees, Firth and Clyde (port Glasgow). There is also a network of canals in britain. They were important for inland freight traffic (nákladní doprava) in the 19th century.

Lakes can be found in north England (Lake District), in Scotland (Loch Lomond, Loch Ness) and in Ulster. The most beautiful lakes, like Loch Lomond and Loch Katrine, are in Scotland and Windermere and Derwentwater are in the Lake District.



oceanic (wet, windy, changeable, the temperatures doesn´t vary), mild, temperate. It winters are mild and summers are not very hot. Thr average temperature ranges from 4°C in winter to 16°C in summer.







Population: 57 milion, density of 600 persons per square mile (234 per sq km). Some areas are inhabited more than the others, p.e. parts of the south-east.

Immigration into Britain during the last fifty years has resulted in a variety of non Europen religions – there are Muslims and Hindu as well.



- there is complete religious freedom in England today

- only the monarch must belong to the Church of England.

The Church of England was founded in 1534, when king Henry VIII broke away from the supermacy (nadvláda) of Rome and declared himself head of the new Church

- The Church of England is sometimes referred to as the Anglican Church, in the sentence that it is part of a worldwide communion of churches whose practice and beliefs are very similar.

The Church of Scotland was created in 1560 by John Knox, who was opposed (čelit)to episcopal (biskupský) rule and belief tht the English Church had not mved sufficiently far from Rome.

- The Scotish church followed the teaching of Calvin.

The Roman Catholic Church virtualy ceased to exist (přestat existovat) in Britain in the 16th centruy, after the Reformation.

- Toady Catholicism is widely practiced through the country, but no Catholic can become monarch.

- There are some Free Churches

Jews in Britain

- the firt grouf of Jews came to Britain at the time of the Norman Conquest. Toady the community of Jews has about 330,000 members and is estimated to be the second largest Jewish population in Europe.


National economy

 In 1926 the British Commonwealth of Nations – a free association of equal states under one sovereign – was declared.

 The GB belongs to the G-8 countries. Britain is the member of nearly all important international organizations: UN, NATO, OECD, EU.

 It has a very developped agricultural system. The main products are wheat, barley, oats (oves), potatoes, beet (třtina), sugar and flax (len). The animals kept on British farms are cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry.  

 The main raw materials are coal, iron, zinc, lead and oil, tin, chalk


Coal 1) south-east ® Cent

 2) Birmingham ® Sheffiels

 3) around Newcastle

 4) all the Grampian mountains

 5) lowlands in Scotland (Glasgow)

Oil – the Northern Sea ® Aberdeen - centre of oil and gas industry

Iron – around Birmingham


The main industries are steel, metals, vehicles, shipbuilding, shipping, banking, textiel, aircraft.



Steel ® around Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgou

Cars ® Birmingham, Liverpool, South Wales, Cowentry - Rolce Royce

Ships ® Newcastle, Glasgow, Belfast

Textiles ® cotton imported from USA or Egypt ® Manchester, Leeds

- The north has always been associated with heavy industries, coalmining, iron, steel and textiles, but these are now declining and new industries must be developed.

- Scotland is famous for its whisky distilleries.


 The first inhabitants came between 3,500 B.C. and 3,000 B.C. These people came from Europe and lived in the south of England. Stonehenge, a huge circle of standing stones, was built by these early inhabitants

 The first known inhabitants were the Celts. They crossed the English Channel many centuries before the Christian era. The Celts practiced agriculture and dug up minerals. Their religion was Druidism and their priests were famous for their magic arts.

 Roman religion led by Julius Caesar invaded Britain in 55 B.C. The Romans conquered much of the island and ruled it for almost 400 years. They built a lot. The Romans could not control the entire island. In the northern part, there lived people called Picts. They attacked Roman settlements. To keep them out, the Roman soldier built great walls with forts and towers. The greatest monument they left is the Hadrians´s Wall, between England and Scotland.

 The Romans left Britain at the beggining of the 5th century. And the island was invaded by groups from Germany and Denmark called Angles, Saxons and Jutes. By the 7th centruy they controlled the most of the island. The tribes united to become the Anglo-Saxons. They set up several small kingdoms. The southern part of Britain soon became known as England. The people became known as the English. They followed the Germanic religion.

 Pop George I decided to convert the Anglo-Saxons to Christianity. At the end of the 6th century, he sent there a mission of 41 monks under the leadership of monk Augustine. By 700 A.D., all England was Chrstian. One of the monks, called Bede, who stayed in England, wrote the first history of English people.

 About 835 A.D., bands of Danes began riding the coast of England. The English kingdom decided to resist and as their leader, they chose Alfred, King of Wessex, after known as Alfred the Great. He became the King of England. Afterwards he signed a treaty with Danes and they could rule the northeas part of the country known as the Danelaw. Alfred was well-educated and he started a school.

 In 1042 the witan made Edward the Confessor King of England. He died withou an heir. The most powerful noble Harold became the King of England. But William, Duke of Normandy, a cousin of Edward the Confessor, claimed that before Edward died he had promised him the English throne. In 1066 William led an army across the sea to England. They met Harold´s army in battle near Hastings. After the battle, on Christmas Day, William, now known as William the Conqueror, was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey.

 William introduced feudalism into England. He seized (vzal) the land of English nobels and divided them among Norman nobels. The nobles became William´s vassals (poddaný). During William´s rule England learns Norman customs. The wealthy built castles, cathedrals....

 After king Richared called Lionheart died, his brother John started to rule. He increased the taxes and ignored the law. The nobles angry and forced John to sign the Magna Charta. It lessened the king´s power and increased that of the nobles. The Magna Charta brought step towards democracy.


English history is connected with the dynasty of Tudors.

 The first member on the throne was Hentry VII. His son became one of the most known from the family.

Henry VIII was born at the end of the 15th centruy. He has an outstanding position among English monarchs. As a young boy, he was strong, generous, talented and skilled in artistic activities. He realized the changes taking place in Europe and he wanted to be a powerful monarch to achieve his goals. His teacher was Thomas More, whom Henry made Lord Chancellor. More was executed, because he didn´t accept Henry´s second marriage with Anne Boleyn.

The most well known fact about Hentry VIII is that he had six wives.

1. Catherine of Aragon – widow of Henry´s elder brother Arthur. She was not able to give him a son, a male heir. He convinced himself that this must be because the marriage is invalid in the eyes of God. Henry wanted an annulement. But it could come only from Pope, unfortunately who was under the unfluence of Catherin´s nephew. Henry´s request led to a conflict with Rome, which resulted in the establishment of the Church of England.

 They had a daughter – Mary I.

2. Ann Boleyn, who was later found quilty for adultery (cizoložství) and was executed.

 hey had a daughter – Elisabeth I. and a son – Edward VI

3. Jane Seymour died while giving birth

4. Anne of Claves – Henry divorced her (their marriage was arranged only on the base of a portrait)

5. Catherine Howard – executed

6. Catherine Parr outlived him


Henry VIII´s Children

Mary I

- born in 1516, daughter of henry and Catherin of Aragon

- she was declared as a bastard, when Henry repudiated (zavrdl) her mother

- during her brother´s reign she came under the pressure to conform to the Protestant faith.

- when she came to the throne, she devoted herself to the restoration of what she saw as the true religion.

- her marriage with King Philip provoked a rebellion among the Protestant gentry of Kent.

- during her reign, two bishops and one arcibishop were burnt at the stake (na hranici). There were among a total of 300 Protestants victims. Her policy earned her the name Bloody Mary.

- in the closing months of her reign, the English lost Calais in today´s France.


Elisabeth I

- was born on 7th September 1533 to Henry and Anne Boleyn

- she never married and she died at the age of 70 (in 1603) as the last of the Tudors

- she reign 44 years very succesfully and this period is called The Golden Age of English History

- she was very talented and educated a lot. She could speak five languages.

- After her mother was executed, the marriage of her parents was annulled and she became a royal bastard. Henry died when she was only 13 and she became an orphan.

- Elizabeth was second in line to the throne after Mary. Her brother died in 1553 and Mary became the Queen of England.

- Elizabeth was implicated in a dangerous political plot and she was taken into the prison to the Tower of Londen. At Phillip´s behest (příkaz) she was allowed to return and Mary accepted her as a heiress.

- Elizabeth was crowned Queen on the 15 January 1559 and she became Supreme Governor of Church of England. She wanted to rule not by force, but by female democracy. She never married in order to protect her country from others kings and on the other hand in order to keep good relationships with all the empires around.

- During her reign, great voyages of discovery opened the world to english trade and conquest. Sir Walter Raleigh explored the eastern coast of North America and founded there the first British colony and called it Virginia in honour of the Queen.

- For political purposes she travelled around the country. Her reign was the golden age of literature, drama, art and music.

- Elizabeth I died in 1603 naming James VI of Scotland, the son of Mary Stuart, her successor.


Edward VI

- the only son of Henry VIII was a sickly child and died at the age of 10 of tuberculosis or of over-medication.


Queen Victoria

- she came to the throne in 1837 at the age of 18

- during her reign the British Empire grew and grew and the queen was the symbol of the continuity and stability of the British way of life.

- The Victorian age was remarkable for the expansion in wealth and power in Britain. Many changes were taken place ® industry was replacing agriculture, the old aristocracy lost tjeir power to the new middle class.

- She reigned for 64 years, longer than any other sovereign in English history

- She was the first monarch to live in Buckingham Palace


Interesting places

Oxford and Cambridge are the old university towns

Stratford-upon-Avon – the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the place where his plays are performed at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre.

Canterbury – an ancient town with a majestic cathedral. It is famous for Geoffrey Chaucer´s Canterbury Tales.

Lake District – National Park, popular with many tourists and painters.

Bath: remarkably well-preserved Roman baths and unique architectural beuties

Brighton: famous seaside town

Plymouth: an ancient port, famous naval base and modern resort with one of the finest natural harbours in the world.

Stonehange: built about 2,000 B.C. on Salibury Plain, is thought to be a temple for the worship (uctívání) of the sun



In England:


Birmingham – the most industrial city


Sheffield – steel industry



On the south-east coast, there are ports.

In Scotland: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen

New Castle – industrial city – building ships




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그만큼 안정성이 정말 매우 엄청나게 엄청나고 굉장히 굉장하게 중요한 부분이구요,
안정성만 보장되고 정상적이고 공식적인 업체에서 진행을 하신다면 아주 유용하게 급전마련을 하실 수 있으며 급한 상황을 잘 모면할 수 있겠습니다.

사실상 어떠한 업계라도 일정한 가격 형성이 되어 있는데요
예를들어 1금융과 2금융에 대출이라 치면 정해진 연이자가 있을 것이구요
불법 대부업이나 일수, 개인돈 같이 비 정상적인 거래라면 당연히 연이자보다 말도 안되게 높은 금리가 있는 것이겠구요
마트나 편의점에서 음료수나 과자등과 같은 물품을 구매한다 하더라도 약간의 편차는 있지만 그렇게 높은 차이는 없습니다.
정육점도 마찬가지로 온국민의 사랑을 받는 삼겹살도 국내산 돼지 생삼겹살의 가격 역시 약간의 차이가 있을 뿐 거의 정해져 있구요
1근에 만원이라는 가격이 형성되어 있다고 한다면 1근에 6000원 7000원이라는 가격이 나오기 힘든 부분이죠
만일 가격표를 그렇게 해놓고 판다면 그건 국내산이 아닐 확률은.. 뭐 굳이 제가 언급하지 않아도 다들 아시겠죠..?? ㅎㅎ

새로운 형태의 시장이 형성되어 이제 막 시작이 되고 있는 분야라면 가격차이가 천차만별일 수 있겠지만
이처럼 진작에 기존 시장이 형성되어 자리잡혀 있는 시장의 가격이 어느정도 정해져 있는 분야라면
일반적은 은행이나 불법이 아닌 합법적 대부업계 대출의 금리도, 시장 물품 가격도, 정육이나 기타 물품이 유통되는 가격도 다 시장가가 어느정도 정해지기 마련이고
그 안에서 가격이 다른곳보다 정도차이가 심하게 저렴하거나 심하게 높다 라고 한다면 한번쯤 의구심을 가져봐야 할 것입니다.
그렇다라면 폰테크 역시도 마찬가지일 것이구요.
너무 높은 매입가는 우선 경계를 해보셔야 하는 부분이구요
반대로 너무 낮은 매입가 역시 피해야 하는 부분입니다.
그런 점에서 미루어 보면 다이렉트 폰테크는 투명한 가격으로 방문 고객님들 역시 하나같이 거의 동일한 금액을 받아가셨는데요
그러한 부분 또한 각종 입금받은 내역 인증이나 리뷰에서 알 수 있던 부분입니다.

폰테크는 다른것보다 우선적으로
사업자등록증, 사전승낙서 확인하셔야 하며, 그 해당 등록증과 승낙서에 명시가 되어있는 이름과 일치하는지를 꼭 확인하셔야 하며
이름만 있는 유령 매장이나, 사무실, 오피스텔 등에서 사업자를 내고 운영하는 유령업체는 아닌지 확인하셔야 합니다.
그리고 앞서 말했던 부분처럼 너무 낮거나 혹은 타 업체에 비해 너무 높은(고객님이 혹하실만한) 매입가라면 그것 역시도 경계하셔야 합니다.
마지막으로 사후처리나 대비가 완벽하게 이루어지는지 꼭!!!!! 반드시 꼭!!!!! 밑줄쫙 별표 다섯개 달아두시고 확인하셔야 합니다.
일반 정상적인 매장이 아니라면 그런것에 대한 대비가 거의 전무하다 볼 수 있으니 번거롭더라도 너무 높은 매입가만 찾아서 가려 하지 마시고
가격이 다소 약간의 차이가 있더라도 문제가 생기지 않는 곳에서 진행을 하시길 추천드립니다.

안정성 비례 매입가가 높은 곳은 단연 지금 말씀드리는 '다이렉트 폰테크'가 최고라고 할 수 있겠습니다.
그리고 폰테크 진행 자체도 방문, 비대면, 출장 모두 가능하며 그 선택권은 전부 이용객의 입장에서 선택이 가능한 부분입니다.
또한 지역상관없이 거리 상관없이 출장과 비대면 모두 진행이 가능하다고 하시니까요 부산이라서 대구라서 목포라서 강원도라서 등등 타 지역이라고
그냥 넘기지 마시고 '다이렉트 폰테크'에 꼭 문의하시길 바랍니다.
그리고 혹여 타 업체를 이용하시더라도 반드시 다이렉트에서 문의하여 조회와 상담 받아보시길 추천드립니다.
잠깐 편하고 잠깐 좋자고 추후에 문제가 생기는 행동을 하실 분들은 없으실거라 믿고 싶네요 통신쪽 벌금은 터졌다 하면 최소 200부터 출발입니다 꼭 명심하시길 바래요
그럼 지금까지 폰테크를 안전하게 진행할 수 있는 업체인 '다이렉트 폰테크'에 대해서 말씀드렸구요문의와 상담 그리고 진행등은 아래 이미지를 통해서 하실 수 있으니 참고하시길 바랍니다.


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gạch ốp lát

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gạch ốp lát, thiết bị vệ sinh, cửa hàng nội thất
Text: Nội thất Tiến Khôi chuyên kinh doanh các mặt hàng gạch ốp lát, thiết bị vệ sinh, các loại mái ngói, thiết bị điện năng lượng Địa chỉ: 91 Đường Nguyễn Đệ, Phường An Hòa, Quận Ninh Kiều, TP Cần Thơ, SĐT: 0936565654, 0826565654, Website: noithattienkhoi.vn


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dark humor jokes

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горячая линия или как написать в службу поддержки

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горячая линия или как написать в службу поддержки

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